Hoppe’s HSO BoreSnake Oil

Hoppe’s CLP is an effective one-step cleaner, lubricant, and rust preventative intended for use in all pistol, rifle, and shotgun models. Designed to break down and remove carbon, lead, and powder fouling, the corrosion inhibitors prevent rust from forming, leaving behind a lasting coat of protection. Hoppe’s CLP also provides total protection when combined with Hoppe’s BoreSnake. Apply Hoppe’s CLP to the head of the BoreSnake prior to use to clean, protect, and coat the interior of your bore for year-round protection.

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Hoppe’s HSO BoreSnake Oil CLP Cleans Lubricates Prevents Rust Pinpoint Applicator 2 Oz Squeeze Bottle

Series Oil CLP
Model BoreSnake
Function Lubricates
Size 2 oz
Suitable For Firearms
Protects Against Rust
Dispenser Type Squeeze Bottle


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