Magpul Tejas 2.0 36″ Leather 1.50″ Wide

The Magpul Tejas Gun Belt El Original provides gun belt rigidity with dress belt comfort and offers a stretch and sag-free performance. It is made from 100% North American bull hide, backed by a supporting layer of flexible polymer and a easily-removable buckle. It measures 1 1/2″ wide and 1/4″ thick, so it will fit most belt loops and holsters comfortably.

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Magpul MAG1109-210 Tejas 2.0 36″ Leather 1.50″ Wide Chocolate Brown

Series EL Original
Model Tejas 2.0
Color Chocolate Brown
Material Leather
Lining Polymer
Width 1.50″
Belt Size 36″
Closure Type Buckle


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