Otis Patriot Cleaning Kit 9mm Pistol

Otis’ Patriot Cleaning Kit offers the essential firearm maintenance gear to properly clean from Breech-to-Muzzle. Included is a Memory-Flex cable, slotted tip, bore mop, caliber-specific bronze bore brush which removes deposits and other fouling, a t-handle and driver tool for the included four bits, double-ended AP (All Purpose) brush, chamber brush, rod, as well as curved and straight locking lug picks for proper cleaning of the chamber. This cleaning kit is for 9mm pistols and has two male rods.

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Otis FG7019MM Patriot Cleaning Kit 9mm Pistol/15 Pieces Yellow Plastic Box Case

Series Cleaning Kit
Caliber 9mm
Model Patriot
Color Yellow
Case Material Plastic Box
Compatible With .357 cal / .375 Cal, .380 Cal , .38 SPL.
Gun Type Pistol
Includes Cable / Brushes / Rod / Patches
Pieces 15
Tip Features Slotted
Bristle Type Bronze / Nylon


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