Firearms Training

Duck And Cover Entrance


Lead Instructor

  • Over 20 years of professional experience
  • Real-world experience and application
  • Avid shooter
  • Experienced and patient instructor
  • Loves the hands-on learning experience
  • Attended many different schools
  • Detail Oriented
  • Friendly and funny
  • Passionate about firearms
  • The mission of the training Institute is to provide a world-class training facility and environment

Why Train At Duck And Cover Tactical

Conveniently Located

We are near the intersection of Shaw and CA-99, accessible from multiple roads near major retailers. 

Modern Facility

Our shop is clean, features an open layout, and uses technology to display our inventory and promotions. 

Ample Parking

We offer primary parking in a paved lot, an overflow parking area in stone, and secondary parking on the street. Handicap accessible.

Affordable Fees

Duck and Cover Tactical are focused on helping as many people legally acquire and safely use firearms as possible. 

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Training Courses

The "Concealed Carry (CCW) Initial 8-Hour Course" is a comprehensive training program designed to prepare individuals for responsible concealed carry of firearms.

The "Concealed Carry (CCW) 4-Hour Recertification Course" is a training program designed to help individuals maintain their concealed carry skills and stay current with state regulations.

A 4-hour course that provides comprehensive training in firearm handling and safety. Includes lecture and range time. 

In just 4 hours, the Home Defense class teaches your legal rights when someone breaks into your home, property protection, family planning for break-ins, critical thinking, and post-break-in defense. Essential for safeguarding your home and loved ones.

The Kids Firearm Training Program is ongoing classes teaching Kids (Ages 9 – 12) about Firearm Safety, Firearm Handling, Firearm Maintenance, and Firearm Marksmanship. Preparing Children to learn about the responsibilities of Firearm ownership.

Advanced Shooting And Marksmanship

Coming Soon!

Armorer Classes

Coming Soon!

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